paintress collection

full figure mini portraits of female painters
100 Paintresses. 100 Art Worlds. ONE goal - to paint. This project is a series proving our uniting love and devotion to pure Painting. Pure - complex message. What we create is not only a beautiful product to please the audience. Each painting is for us something unique and personal, evoking higher feelings in the receiver. To such an art “box” we pack a different point of view. A separate universe. Our souls - as beautiful creatures we are.

the rite of spring

full figure portraits of Polish National Ballet dancers
A tribute to the most revolutionary ballet, "Le Sacre du Printemps" (1913) by Nijinsky, to Stravinsky's music. The series is based on the choreography and costume reconstruction research of Millicent Hodson and Kenneth Archer. Each painting reflects poses taken from the original choreography. Dancers are divided into two groups according to the two acts of the stage performance – day and night that shows the journey of the Sun and Moon and leads to the romantic finale – a sacrifice of a Chosen Maiden that dances herself to death.

Roza in the garden

colorful tropical still life and a human
I am a very emotional and fragile being. I am a woman. I like to look feminine. My name is floral and I paint mostly in pink palette. What could be more girly? Let's dive into the garden! If you care to experience how it is to be on the same side of the fence – join me in my Secret Garden. You’re welcomed into the jungle to explore hidden objects and treasures by following my path - into the juicy color explosion that might hide a fly that contemplates on life.


Portraits of American legends.
New York inspires always and everyone. "Supernova" is a portrait series depicting stars that changed various aspects of American culture...forever, but faded too early. "Supernova" is showing them alive and also in the moment of their quite unique deaths. I’m exploring the parts of their often complex personalities that fascinates me. Here are my bows to Marilyn Monroe...

venus. beauty and self-confidence. the endeavours of being a woman

life-size full figure portraits of the Uniqueness
This series is about stereotypes that involves women from all around the world depicting a Unique type of female beauty that can be somewhat troublesome in our era. All paintings are based on the pose from The birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli to show the birth and the apotheosis of the real Beauty within. I want to tickle the viewer’s awareness of different stereotype issues and reflect on what builds our self-confidence. "Venus" involves strong individuals as it evolves around a strong subject. Let's learn to appreciate uniqueness...

venus // mars. are men from mars and women from venus?

full figure portraits of strong personalities who stretch the gender conventions.
This project portraits my friends who happen to be a little different than the majority. Their looks and occupations very often stand in opposition to social expectations and life roles. For me they represent a unique beauty - both the inner and the outer one. It is really so important to divide what gender is? Fighting with stereotypes they are true to themselves no matter the outer world's opinions. With the trust of a pure child they bravely allow us to enter their own galaxy.

stereotypes vs identity

full figure portraits depicting stereotyping
I create a dialogue about stereotypes and identity by underlining that every single one of us is different. And it is good. The nude serves the role of timelessness, intimacy and the possibility of sending a universal message. By creating a puzzle for the receiver, I invite to observe what you may find important and therefore provoke thoughts and feelings. The mind can not exist without the heart and vice versa. I challenge you to look into your nooks and crannies of prejudice.


portraits of fascinating souls
I have always been fascinated by people - their nature, instincts, thoughts, emotions and the resulting behavior. I love to watch surroundings. Wherever I go, I soak up gestures and glances like an invisible villain. Words are needless. Sometimes it just takes one glance for a magical portal to stand wide open...

on paper

under construction