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science and art conference; “RÓŻA PUZYNOWSKA. COLORS OF THE RITE” Roza’s speech for the “Laboratory of Spring” symposium (Art Gallery – Galeria Sztuki Wozownia; ul. Rabiańska 20, Toruń, Poland).

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interview for the Polish Radio Station, Warsaw 102,4 FM (interviewed by Aleksandra Łapkiewicz-Kalinowska at Polskie Radio 1).

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painting publication on the official “The rite of spring” anniversary postcard by Igor Stravinsky Institute in Geneva (painting “THE RITE OF SPRING. I act. Seven Maidens in Red and Seven Young Women in Blue with Joanna Drabik and Irina Wasilevskaya – Polish National Ballet dancers”; Geneva).

interview for the Polish Radio Kampus, Warsaw 97,1 FM (interviwed by Anna Kopcińska at Radio Kampus).

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interview for the Polish Public Television TVP2 during Panorama news.

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