19 May 2014

Today it is the National Twins Day in Poland, hence the appropriate story…

I have always been fascinated by people – their nature, instincts, thoughts, emotions and the resulting behavior. I love to watch surroundings. Wherever I go, I soak up gestures and glances like an invisible villain. Words are needless. Sometimes it just takes one glance for a magical portal to stand wide open…
Most of those times, the eyes occur to be THAT portal leading to the treasured soul…

In 2007 I had a strange dream of a white room with two very pale girls caressing their hair. It was strange. Sister love somehow mirrored. They were combing each other like in old novels – 100 strokes and lots of affection.
I am an only child so I don’t know this sisterhood bond personally. Decided to paint it. But since I didn’t know anyone who looked even slightly close to what I dreamt I decided to try my luck in the modeling agency. After flicking through 4 or 5 huge binders with models’ id cards a girl entered the agency.
She had a fragile, high tone voice. She was pale, as made entirely out of fog. Her hair was fair and curly, and the eyes completely stole my soul. I literally had chills down my spine.
I got a little shy, but decided to approach her. We talked a bit and I described the idea for my painting.

Nearly squared, white, foggy canvas. In the middle two pale, fair haired girls, like mirrored porcelain dolls caress each other. They are surrounded by a circle of white and creamy roses – the frame of the invisible looking-glass. Everything seems so fragile and sweet that you want to grab one candy-like flower and make the petal melt in your mouth.
They are surrealistic twins. Each breath is synchronized. They are the unity, like the covenant of what is in front and on the other side of the mirror. The frame is made of flowers as the existence itself is fragile and fleeting. Therefore the beauty is transient and can be deceiving like a pretty flower with hidden thorns.
Are you sure that your reflection in the mirror is exactly what you have to offer? Aren’t you hiding something or isn’t there something crawling beneath the surface that you don’t want anyone to find out about? If there is a healthy balance between the material and spiritual part of you…if there is an honest alliance between your image and psyche – you are a treasure to everyone.
So, the painting is a poetic metaphor for sisterhood of two sides of every single one of us. But is it possible for the material and spiritual parts (twins) to become the unity at all?

After this explanation, she got shiny eyes and announced that she has a twin sister. You see, I had to paint them…

see the artwork